About Lily Ferreras

Lily Ferreras

Founder and Blogger

I am a gardening enthusiast that was never bothered by mud on my fingers.

My grandma had a huge balcony garden, and her house was full of houseplants. I used to spend hours playing there, but also observing how much care she put onto those plants.

Later on, my parents started growing food on their backyard and plants started to come along into our home, both indoors and outside. I learnt to saw bean, harvest vegetables and water plants since I was a kid.

It was only when I got my own place that I started my houseplant collection in London. Still a newbie here, I only have 17 houseplants so far!

For those of you that have a doggie to add to the potting mix, check Cuddla.com, where I share tips on dog parenting. Dogs, gardens and houseplants are all welcome in my home!

Let me finish with one of my favourite quotes...

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."

Jane Perrone, a journalist specialising in plants and gardening.

Because all of us killed a plant or two... probably more, right? But there's so much to learn when things go wrong, and that's how we do better next time! 🙂

XoXo, Lily.